Brands participating in viral social media challenges. Should they do it?

Viral content happens every day on social media and some of the content is social media challenges.

There’s a question out there whether or not brands should invoke themselves into a challenge that is going viral on social? The answer is absolutely, but with caution!

Gives brands a chance to be personable and connect to their audience. If done correctly, brands can savor from social media challenges. It has to be relevant to the challenge that is at play. Participating in the challenge offers a way for your audience to connect with you. Being part of the conversation can build your engagement as well.

Think of the 10 year challenge that happened last year. Almost everyone took part in this challenge. There were some brands out there who utilized the challenge for their own audience participation and engagement. It was brilliant.

The 10 Year Challenge began from memes generated on Facebook. It was an effective way to showcase how much things have progressed in these past 10 years. While it originally began as a way for users to share the difference 10 years can make for their aging process, brands quickly caught on to what was going on. Pepsi chimed in on the challenge to show the growth of it’s can design.

Challenges offer a brands to channel their creativity. If you’re going to participate in the social media challenge, it has to be done right and done with care. You don’t want your brand to come off as desperate for engagement. It has to come off as seamless, the engagement will come if it appears authentic. Creativity is extremely important when it comes to distributing real-time content. Define your purpose for partaking in a viral challenge. Also consider the end result you hope to gain out of it. If it doesn’t align with your business goals, then you would be better off waiting until the wave settles.

Can translate to a big “win” for your marketing efforts. Participating in trending challenges or any viral hashtag can boost your brand’s visibility. Again, it has to be mindful at all cost. Timing is everything also. Brands should not be afraid to showcase that they are able to participate in social media trends but at the same time stay in their lane – not jeopardizing reputation.

It’s a complex dynamic reeling yourself into a challenge as a brand. But you should certainly consider it at the least.

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