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Making Your Website Searchable

Getting people to find you in a Google search isn’t an easy fate. This take having a strong SEO strategy and web strategy. Here are just a few ways to make your website searchable.

Brands participating in viral social media challenges. Should they do it?

Viral content happens every day on social media and some of the content is social media challenges. There’s a question out there whether or not brands should invoke themselves into a challenge that is going viral on social? The answer is absolutely, but with caution!

Where Influencer Marketing stands in today’s digital world

Influencer marketing is becoming a strong force for brands in 2020. More brands are looking at influencers to elevate their messaging or boost awareness of a service or product they sell. Here’s what you should know about Influencer Marketing’s impact today.


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Hi, I’m Deontae Moore, a digital marketing specialist! I know all things social media and digital. In this blog, I try to share best practices and insight to the world of digital marketing. Hope you take the time to review some of this content and reach out to me for any questions you may have.

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