Opinion — #RIPTwitter: Is it the end or on life support?

It’s changing every hour, minute and second. It’s changing so much, I don’t even recognize the platform anymore. Recently, Twitter launched a new algorithm change to the platform. It is redesigning the tweets you see in your timeline by relevancy — biting off of Facebook’s style again. While this is a opt-in choice — manuallyContinue reading “Opinion — #RIPTwitter: Is it the end or on life support?”

Has Twitter gone too far with its new “heart” button?

Twitter is becoming Facebook. There, I said it. As much as I love Twitter, the recent change to have a like-type button rather than favorite is not going to go without some ridicule. Now, in their defense and my long usage of the platform, I’ve always looked at favoriting a tweet as liking it. However, the dynamicContinue reading “Has Twitter gone too far with its new “heart” button?”

For better engagement on Twitter, do a live chat

Twitter can sometimes seem like an oversized panel. You’ve been to one of those when you invite more people than you needed and everyone showed up? Yikes. There’s a danger of having a large discourse with too many people. That’s how Twitter chats might work if you’re not careful. But if you are careful andContinue reading “For better engagement on Twitter, do a live chat”

Social media figures that should matter to you

Is it the Likes? The followers? The hits? Or all of it that matters to you when looking at social media? What numbers do you need to pay attention to? Every quarter, we get new statistics that are supposed to help us understand the state of social media. These are great tools, right? But whichContinue reading “Social media figures that should matter to you”