Are you Social Media Savvy?

Being able to understand the use of social media is like putting together pieces of a puzzle How strong is your online presence? Do you have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or even still holding on to a Myspace page? What about video – can we see you on Vine, YouTube or Snapchat? Have you ever askedContinue reading “Are you Social Media Savvy?”

How Important is Social Media to Getting Hired, Extremely

Employers aren’t just glancing through your Resume, reading your well-written cover letter and admiring your sharp appeal at the interview. They are also checking out your popular social media sites. About 43 percent of employers use social media networking sites when researching job candidates, according to U.S. Harris Poll survey on behalf of CareerBuilder. 45 percent of employersContinue reading “How Important is Social Media to Getting Hired, Extremely”