Making Your Website Searchable

Weeding out the noise and making your brand’s website stand out will make a difference in how traffic is driven to your site. In this post, learn simple ways you can make your website searchable.

Search engine optimization is a tricky tool. Getting people to travel to your website from organic measures takes just having the right elements embedded on your site. Something as simple as cleaning out images to help your site load faster or using keywords + phrases all hold merit towards building your SEO strategy.

image of google

How often do you think the average person is going to Google to understand a concept or look up a recipe? Over 40,000 google searches are happening every second of the day, and about 3.5 billion searches are done in a single day according to Internet Live Stats.

But before you dive into your SEO strategy, here are just a few simple ways you can increase the searchability of your website:

Begin to optimize each section of your website. You want to vet every part of your website. This is an important step because every word or phrase on your site matters to the your site’s success. Each page (especially your home)w to your brand’s website should have as much descriptive content as possible.

Create a list of Title tags and meta descriptions for your website. Title tags are essentially an HTML element that displays the headline section of a web page and meta descriptions is the subtitle context. Title tags are uniquely important because they help encourage viewers to click on a specific page from a Google search. Best practices say that Title Tags should be 50-60 characters long for best result. Identify keywords for your title tag so that you can rank high in a Google search. Here’s some examples for more best practices on title tags here.

Explore web tool ScreamingFrog to get an in-depth analysis site of your title tags and meta descriptions.

Optimize your image and meta data for a faster loading site. This simple step sometimes goes unthought, but cleaning up the images and wasteful content on your site can with having your site load faster. A fast and efficient site build morale to a user’s experience – which ultimately places a positive outtake for your brand. When using images on your website, make sure they are correct size and dimension. You also want to provide an accurate description and tag for the images as well. This can also boost your chances of visibility when users conduct a search on Google. In addition to optimizing your images, you want to make sure your site is using good cacha plugins as well. Filter out plugins that do not hold any value on your site and utilizing ones that offer good benefits.

Check out more articles from Moore Digital’s blog.

Make blog post easily sharable. It sounds juvenile, but it helps with the visibility of your post. While this step does not significantly help your search rankings, it can play a huge role in others finding your site. Make sure you place sharable plugins for blog post.


Discover more ways to boost your web presence.

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