Organic Reach: Best ways to still conform to the algorithms without social advertising

I’m going to take the stand to say that there is still value in organic posting. Social media specialists are told that the idea of organic reach is nearly non-existent. That’s not necessarily the case.

While the growth in social media advertising is happening, some brands still take value in doing things the old fashioned way.

There are still post that do perform well organically. Here are some ways to ensure success without paying for visibility.

Know Your Audience. It’s critical that you understand who your audience. Utilize insights to know what they care about and what content they are most likely to engage with. Having a sense of what your audience want is integral in your brand’s overall content strategy.

Diversify your content. No post should be the same. Never try to duplicate a post you’ve seen perform well back to back, it can screw with the algorithms. You want to find your posting style, but you also want to have different formats in the content you share out there. It’s all about trial and error and often times it works in your favor.

Video is still a strong outlet. Video still had a huge impact in your organic reach. More specifically, going live can really make the difference in your reach. According to Facebook, going live has a six times greater chance of getting viewership than a regular video. In general, video provides a chance for your audience to truly interact with the content you are distributing. On the other hand, videos that are watch worthy will be put on the back burner. Make your videos enlightening and compelling, something that will grab and keep your audiences’ attention.

Figure out best times to post. See when are the best days and times for you to post. You do this by viewing your insights and social metrics for each platform. Timing is everything when you are posting online. Some post do better organically because you just knew that the time you posted would generate the most impact. Be consistent about your posting time as well, but also keep in mind that things change due to real time activity happening online.

Determine how often you’ll be posting. On top of knowing best times to post, you want to be on top of the frequency of your post. This all depends on the engagement of your audience with the post you distribute. Optimize your content as well. Some post do better on different platforms than others. What you post on Facebook could do well on Twitter. Find a cohesive strategy and formula for how you want to be regular on the platforms. If you need a bit more assistance with conforming to the algorithms, let’s have a little talk.

Emotion always wins. How should your audience feel after you post something? The post that do well organically are the post that make people feel something. These kinds of post generate the best engagement because people resonate to authentic, real content. Neil Patel found that emotion can sway your audience to act more. Emotion is just one factor of organic reach remaining a strong suit in content marketing.

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