New Year, New Approach: Digital Marketing Strategies You Should Be Utilizing in 2019

We’re entering into a new year and there are many lessons that we should have learned for an interesting 2018.

In 2018, we saw the decline in organic reach, the rise in Facebook advertising, the decline in Facebook, the rise in content marketing, and the use of social media stories from platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

With more and more brands trying to reach people, it’s becoming even more important to stand out among competitors.

Here are just a few round up questions you should be asking yourself:

Do you feel your 2018 digital marketing strategy was effective? Were you able to reach the new audience group you had hoped to fulfill in 2018? Were you able to integrate your story across all platforms so that people got a better sense of who you were and what you do? Finally, were there a lot of gains for you this year and do you feel confident in your approach?

If you did not answer YES to all of the questions above, 2019 is the year of redevelopment and reevaluation.

Understand Your Goals. Be Realistic About Them. Create goals in 2019 that you know are easily obtainable. Think about all the digital platforms you are on. Record how you are using each platform for your brand. What purpose do each of them serve? For 2019, jot down specific objectives you hope to accomplish on each platform and make sure you also record performance. This allows you to stay on track of your goals and show your if you need to make some any changes to plan. 


Define a stronger targeting strategy. At the root of digital marketing is the amount of people you reach. If relevant people are participating or interacting with your brand, you are using the platforms correctly. There are far too many tools out there to help you boost your reach. Consider Chat Boxes. In a later blog about “Artificial Intelligence (AI),” we learned the importance of searches and how people behave online with your brand. For example. chat boxes saw a great increase across brands in 2018. How AI works is that you essentially want to get a better sense of who you are actually reaching on the digital platforms. Chat boxes allows brands to have a genuine interaction their audience and understand their needs a lot better. 

With knowing who you want to target, you can also alter your content marketing to impact the success of reaching those specific people. Content is still king when it comes to the overall impact of your brand’s success online. With filtering your content to your target audience goal, you have a greater chance of seeing impact.

Become sharp on your data KPIs. Far often than not, we aren’t honest about the data that is presented in front of us. The problem then becomes that we aren’t sure how to internalize the data and offer a substantial summary of what’s working and not working with digital. 

The solution: Find the relevant data! 

Determine what specific metrics best align with your brand’s overall goals. Those will be the data points that matter to you in the long run. If certain metrics aren’t clear, determine a way it will benefit any success talking points for your brand. 

Follow Social Media University on Facebook. Deontae Moore is a Digital Director at The Office of the City Clerk, follow him on Twitter @deontaemoore.

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