Marketers: Apps that will get you success on social media

There is literally an app for everything. This even goes for marketing. Aside from your every day social media platform apps, you need other apps to help add a boost to your social media efforts.

Here, I breakdown just a few apps you should have in your phone as a social media marketer, or someone who is in control of social media.

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This app allows you to make videos for social with ease. Video on social media has been picking up major steam. With Quik, you’re able to develop a video that has smooth transitions, all your clips, music and everything you need to create a compelling medium for your audience.

This app is available for iOS (Apple) | Android



Canva is a great way to design all of your brand’s imagery. If you’re a master of photoshop or InDesign, Canva would came in handy. It’s a great tool to create all of your social media images. You can also create posters, flyers and other marketing documents.

You can also utilize Canva for the web, but to do things on the go can always be useful.

This app is available for iOS (Apple) and Android users. Download here.



This app mostly offers support to Instagram, but you can take video or photos from other accounts on Instagram and repost them onto your page. This would come in handy if other individuals are posting about your brand and you need to grab their content. Additionally, Repostly comes in handy for other videos you want to grab and post on your page as well.

This app is available for iOS and Android users.



When I’m in a rut for content ideas or need to know what’s the what, I rely heavily on Feedly to provide me a wealth of articles I can browse through. This app is a great way to find content and inspiration from others.

This app is available for iOS and Android users.

Social Report

Screenshot_2018-08-16 _Social Report on the App Store

Looking for a social media management site, a please to manage all of your platforms in one space – Social Report is what you need. While on the site you have a bit more functionality, on the mobile app you are still able to schedule and share post across multiple platforms. There are also analytics you can use for your social activity.

Please note: You can’t use social report unless you have an active account with them.

This app is available for iOS users.


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