Live Video: Why it could help you succeed on digital

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You see it when you are logged on Twitter and saw the debates available for you to stream.

You see it when you head over to YouTube and a sporting game just a click away for your viewership.

You’re constantly bombarded with notifications on Facebook of a friend who just went live.

You can’t escape scrolling down your timeline without crossing a few live video streams that are happening (or in most cases have already happened).

If you haven’t seen the pattern by now, it’s evident that live streaming on social has taken over.

I predicted at the beginning of 2016 that video on social would dominate, and now with the impact of live, it’s imperative that audiences can visually see what you’re all about.

Here’s a breakdown to the impact of social video and how live video fits in the fold:

  • Did you know that one-third of all activity done on social is watching video (according to Insivia)?
  • According to Break Media, video ads have taken up roughly 35 percent of online spending — which adds to the fact that 147 million people watch videos on the Internet daily.
  • Invodo shares that 92 percent of users are sharing videos day to day with each other
  • Facebook in 2016 reported that one in five users watch live videos. Also, you should want to know that Facebook users comment 10 times more on a live video than a regular post.
  • Considering all the activity happening on Facebook, 20 percent of users are watching live video.
  • Users have admitted that seeing a video of a product impacts their decision process.

This can be proven from Candance Payne who went live on Facebook and shared her joy in purchasing a Star Wars Chewbacca mask from Kohl, which was viewed nearly 163 million times. It is the most viewed and shared live video on Facebook. The mask and Kohl ultimately saw a rapid increase in interest just from this video alone.

  • Including a video on the main page of your website can increase conversion rate by 20 percent (according to ReelSEO).

Why live video?

Live videos are easy to use and are equally to share. They can reel users to connect to your brand in ways other forms of visuals can’t. Live video changes the way in which you can broadcast your stories and showcase what your brand is all about. It has the potential to generate strong conversion rates and popularity among users who cross your brand. If you want to be considered interesting, live video has the functionality to do that. More users are engaging with brands who go live on the platforms and you should not be missing out on this giant revenue potential.

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