Opinion — #RIPTwitter: Is it the end or on life support?

It’s changing every hour, minute and second. It’s changing so much, I don’t even recognize the platform anymore.

Recently, Twitter launched a new algorithm change to the platform. It is redesigning the tweets you see in your timeline by relevancy — biting off of Facebook’s style again. While this is a opt-in choice — manually going into the platform to change the settings of your timeline — who knows how long this option will last.

The new timeline doesn’t look that much different compared to the current timeline’s algorithm.

Also announced in late 2015, rumors floated that they are in the process of changing the character limit of tweets — from 140 characters to 10,000.

Twitter is confused about it’s identity. In the world of social media, change is inevitable. Each platform produces an upgrade here and there, but for Twitter it seems to be taking ten steps back to compete with its opposers such as Facebook. For the longest, Twitter has struggled to see significant growth in people who sign up for the platform. But I predict these changes will hurt the platform rather than help them.

What made Twitter stand out was that you weren’t seeing novels upon novels in your feed. You had to find ways to communicate your message and your voice in a way no other platform offered — straight to the point and direct. You also saw what was going on in real time. Fundamentally, you will still have this capability on Twitter, but the tweets will be in constant variation by time.

What do you think about the new changes to Twitter? Do you approve or disapprove? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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