Social Media Marketing: The Appropriate Amount of Time You Should Spend

In the world of social media marketing, we tend to spend more time than we bargain for with planning out our strategy, content, and posting.

As the person in control of your organization’s social media, how much time do you give the platforms you are on? There’s plenty of research that supports the best days and times to posting content, but are we using our time as social media managers effectively?

According to a Pew Research study from January 2015, most activity is still happening on Facebook. 70 percent of the participants in the study say that they are most engaged on the network on a daily basis, and 45 percent saying several times a day. About 49 percent of Instagram users are engaged with the app daily, with 32 percent using it several times a day. Twitter only has a 36 percent rate of daily usage, with 22 percent using it several times a day.

Based on years of observation and the data from Pew Research, here are some suggestions on how much time you should be spending on your social media marketing.

Read the full story here

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