Become a Social Media Superstar: Easy Ways to Get Followers On Each Platform

Believe it or not, there is a such thing as a social media rockstar. These are the people who are influencers in the social hemisphere and have gained a respectable audience online.

Some achieve this kind of status from years of hard work, blogging and getting their name out there. Some write books, go to social events, or are effectively utilizing their resources to gain rep. As far as it relates to me, I’m still working on all the above.

Although I don’t have a massive following on my social media, I have caught on to how I can grow my audience on each platform I am on. I’ve operated accounts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Vine, Tumblr – you name it. On each network I’ve owned, I’ve gotten well over 500 followers minus Snapchat. Tumblr and Twitter are my top ones. I operate a Tumblr page with a current 12,000 and plus followers. I have over 2500 Twitter followers on my personal Twitter account. On Instagram I have over 2,000 followers and have 2,000 Facebook friends.

As you can imagine, this took years.Many of my followers on these networks share similar interest, taste in music, hobbies and an interest for social media hehe. It doesn’t have to be that way for you. Here are free ways to getting your 100 to 1000 followers on each platform.


If you have a website, blog or an email newsletter, this is a simple way to get an easy 100 likes on your Facebook page.

If you have a WordPress website, Use a Facebook pop up plug-in that could help you get a few likes here and there.


Also a hello bar could be a great tool for getting likes. Visit to create an account. It’s easy and quick to customize the bar.


As far as emails go, just make it an known that you want people to like you on your page. Include it in your signature, have it as a social button, create a small blurb about it – just get it in their faces.

One more thing, find relevant groups & fan pages on Facebook to join. Plug your Facebook page, because 9 times out of 10 they are already interested in what you are saying.

Oh, last note – post regularly. If your page does not have a lot of activity, of course no one is going to like it. Engage your new followers with posting interesting content. Know when your audience is online in Facebook Insights, by going to “Post.”


Twitter is my favorite social media network. There is no perfect algorithm for getting followers, but here are 5 tips I can offer you that work.

5. Fill In Your Profile

This simple rule is forgotten by many. Take the time out to fill out your bio, upload a photo (below is a picture of the measurements for your profile photo, header and side images), link to your website and if you don’t have a website, put your Facebook page. It’s a win win situation. A complete Twitter page is one of the basic ways to getting followers.


4. Follow relevant people

You want to build a community of people who share the same interest as you. Search for influencers, friends, or colleagues on Twitter. When Twitter asks you to browse people you may know based off your email, do it! These are people who already know you and are willing to stay connected with you on Twitter.

3. Stay Active, Post Regularly

Decide when you are going to use Twitter and what you will be posting on your account early on. The tip to posting content is post nothing boring. If you don’t already have your voice down packed on Twitter, develop it. You can establish this by knowing your audience (the people who follow you). Twitter could be cute puppy love, or a marriage. What kind of commitment are you in it for? Know what your audience wants and satisfy their needs with regular content.

2. Create List

One of the things that filters all the noise on my timeline is a Twitter List. You can categorize groups of people in a list. You don’t have to follow them to add them to the list. Going back to the following relevant people idea – create list of relevant people. For me, I have a list of some of my favorite sites, journalists, a few social media experts I aspire to be and etc.

Lists on Twitter

1. Retweet, Favorite, Respond, Engage

Share interesting news, retweet relevant posts, favorite a post you see, respond to people who Tweet you. In essence, interact with your followers. Take a few days to do this regularly. This is the best way to get followers. Be active on Twitter!


One of the biggest ways to get followers on LinkedIn is joining groups. Find relevant groups – big or small. Comment on post, share a few things and then tag your page in the discussion. LinkedIn is a networking service, so the key thing is to simply network. By joining these groups and starting a dialogue, you can bring awareness to your brand and get followers.

Recommendation: Create a LinkedIn Business Page if you haven’t done so already. 

LinkedIn Business Page Screenshot

Take a second and like my blog on Facebook. 


Once you have developed your audience on both Twitter and Facebook, it should be easy to get Instagram followers. If you’re starting out, here are a few tips.

3. Blast it out on your other social sites

You can only grow as your social media presence grows. Simply say, “Hey, I’m on Instagram, follow me on there.” Post this on your pages where you have an already established following. These are individuals who already know about you.

2. Follow people

This idea pretty much goes for every social site you choose to be on. Find the relevant people on Instagram and follow them. Look at their ratio of followers to following. If it looks like they would follow you back, then follow them. if their followers to following ratio does not level out, don’t follow them – unless you really care for the content they are providing.

1. Hashtags

One of the key elements to Instagram is hashtagging. This is where is all started. An appropriate amount you should use is a maximum of 15. Using more just makes you look desperate and spam-like. Lets not turn off our followers yet. Below is a list of popular hashtags. You can also search the activity of relevant industry hashtags for yourself in the app.

Getty Image of the Top 100 hashtags used on Instagram
Getty Image of the Top 100 hashtags used on Instagram


I’m pro Google Plus and you should be too. Don’t count this platform out until you’ve utilized it for your business. If you have a google email, then you already have a Google+ page. Based on your contacts in your email, you can already add them to your circle. Again, these are people who already know you or have come across you in some way – they had to have emailed you, right?

4. Blast your page on other social media sites

You want your core audience to know you also have a Google+ page. If you tell them you’ll be sharing information on the platform, then this is an easy way to get traction and followers. Similarly to Instagram, promote the page from your most popular networks you are already on.

3. Add to Your Circle

Like a Twitter list, you can categorize people by circle. You can interesting people you find to your circle and in retrospect hope they do the same. The other person gets an alert when there is activity happening on their Google+ page, so there’s never that feeling of not knowing if they see that you’re interested in them.

2. Fill Out the Page 

Take some time to fill out the page. Your circle may know who you are, but those who haven’t met you yet do not. In the links sections, include your social media connects.

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 1.37.17 PM

1. Join other “Communities”

Like LinkedIn, there are groups, or specific communities you can look for by using the Google Plus search bar. Interact with others in the communities you’ve joined and also plug any of your content. Set that foundation and establish your core audience.

Google+ Communities Screenshot

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