Twitter: Best Ways to Get Tweets Noticed

How do you persuade someone to retweet (or RT and quote) your Twitter status, yet alone favorite it? What does this even mean to get retweeted or have a tweet favorited? Simple, attention. The formula for getting retweets and favorites on a post is not easy. It takes strategy, a conscious mind, patience and diligence.

Engagement is critical to getting more retweets. If you’re not actively taking advantage of hashtagging or building relationships amongst individuals who share common interest with you, it’ll look as if you’re the only one noticing your tweets. Now, we’re back to the question: how to persuade someone to notice you on Twitter and here are 9 ways that can be done successfully.

9. Mention (or @ them) influencers – If you want to increase your likelihood of getting retweeted, you want to @ any accounts who are considered influencers to your social media efforts. Seek our those who generally retweet others. The more people who see your posts, the better.

8. Short and sweet does the trick – Less is more on Twitter. Sometimes not saying too much can get increase your chances of being noticed on Twitter. It’s allots space for your tweet to be RT’d or MT’d (modified tweet).

7. Include some form of media – Nothing captures a post than a funny, relatable GIF or meme. You want your Twitter posts to have some form of personality and attaching media accomplishes that goal. You have a far better chance of your tweet being viewed if you had a picture included than if you just had the text.

6. Minimum amount of business (aka sale-y) type of post – It’s understandable that your sole purpose of Twitter is to sell a product or get more people to visit your blog. However, you want to fit in and be relatable, but still maintain brand image. Be yourself on Twitter, but don’t overdue it with pushing post about your brand.

5. Hashtag is a MUST – It’s become second nature to include a hashtag inside a tweet. You want to extend the reach of your target audience and using a hashtag can help you get more retweets.

4. Retweet Others (or Favorite) – If you see relevant mentions or responses, retweet it, This action helps engagement and bring interest to what you’re campaigning or talking about on Twitter.

3. Be Fresh and Don’t Repeat Content – Don’t be a broken record on Twitter. Switch it up a bit sometimes! It becomes recognizable of what you’re doing if your followers see the same posts more than once. You don’t want to risk turning any of your followers off. Keeping the content fresh and exciting – always the best direction to go.

2. Be mindful of times and days to post – Based on your Twitter analytics, you want to strategize the best times to roll out the tweets. Knowledge of your best times to post can help your chances of getting more retweets or favorites. Most companies utilize HooteSuite or Sprout Social to manage their Twitter content, so either software can come in handy to provide insight to your social media efforts.

1. Share interesting news – Show your followers that you are paying attention to the outside world. Post content that will automatically spark discussions. The retweets and favorites will be flying in.

Follow Social Media University on Facebook. Deontae Moore is a Marketing & Digital Media Manager at Community Media Workshop, follow him on Twitter @deontaemoore.

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